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About us

Orlando continues to be the #1 travel destination in the world, making Central Florida the hottest real estate market in the US.  With offices in both Canada and the USA, Bay Street Group Florida and our team of professional, highly trained, multi-lingual agents have the special knowledge and unique skills required to help you achieve the success you deserve when selling your current home, buying your future home or investing in this beautiful and magical land of vacation dreams.

Training System

When nowadays almost everyone has a Realtor friend, it’s very unlikely to distinguish yourself and win businesses without an edge. To help you survive the battle and even prosper, we have created Bay Street Academy, which offers non-stop training workshops covering from beginner to advanced topics. Not only this will help you expand your knowledge base, but solidify the trust relationships you have with existing and potential clients. Learn more on our training schedules

We want to help you become more professional and confident in front of your clients.


We are in a people business and that’s why we have invested significant resources on building our agents’ success. Our efforts not only go to tech development and support side, but a collaborative corporate culture as our fundamental belief system. Imagine a brokerage where senior agents willing to mentor newbies and colleagues support each other with marketing capabilities and encouragement, you will find so much more strength and sense of belonging than anywhere else.


if we work hard towards your success, you will build up our businesses in a magical way.

Wondering how?

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